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Underage Drinking in the News

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[MD] Parents Encouraged To Stay Vigilant To Curb Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 16, 2014
In Frederick County, parents and community officials met to discuss underage drinking and ways to prevent it.

[NH] Event To Assist Parents With Teens
Source: Apr 16, 2014
On April 24, parents are invited to a meeting that will address underage drinking and prevention.

[MO] Meeting To Address Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 15, 2014
Residents in Merryville will be able to attend a community meeting on April 29 about underage drinking.

[NE] Grants Coult Help Battle Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 15, 2014
Lincoln County has been awarded grants. The money will be used specifically for underage drinking prevention efforts.

[WV] WVU Hosting Meeting On Underage And High Risk Drinking
Source: Apr 15, 2014
West Virginia University will hold a SAMHSA sponsored town hall meeting on underage drinking prevention.

[MT] Frenchtown Presentations To Look AT Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 14, 2014
The Frenchtown Community Coalition will host a presentation about the dangers of underage drinking and efforts to prevent it.

[CA] Survey Of GWHS Students Shows Surprising Data About Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 14, 2014
A student group at George Washington High conducted a survey of students about underage drinking habits and perceptions of underage drinking.

[VT] Vermont Officials Raise Awareness Of Teen Drinking, Drug Use
Source: Apr 14, 2014
The Vermont Department of Health is holding a meeting on April 22 to raise awareness about underage drinking.

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