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Underage Drinking in the News

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[CA] Dale City May Explore Residential Fines For Hosting Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 26, 2014
The Dale City mayor is proposing a fine that would be assessed against people who host underage drinkers.

[IA] Students Ready To Take On Issue Of Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 22, 2014
On September 8, a community forum will be held about underage drinking.

[MD] Community Alcohol Coalition To Meet As School Year Begins
Source: Aug 22, 2014
St. Mary's County group is holding a meeting with the community to address underage drinking, as the new school year begins.

[SC] Survey Reports Underage Drinking Down 16%
Source: Aug 21, 2014
Underage drinking among Colleton high school students is down 16% from 2012.

[NJ] Underage Drinking Regulations Get Tightened In Barnegat
Source: Aug 20, 2014
The Barnegat Township Committee passed an ordinance that will allow police to arrest underage drinkers who are on private property.

[GA] Local Teens, Adults Gather At Forum To Discuss Issue Of Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 20, 2014
Local teens gathered near a farmer's market to discuss the dangers of underage drinking.

[MO] City Weighs Steps To Cut Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 18, 2014
The Cape Giradeau city council held a meeting to discuss an ordinance about preventing people under 21 years old from entering establishments that serve alcohol.

[GA] Organization Looks To Tackle Underage Drinking Awareness In Rockmart
Source: Aug 18, 2014
A resident in Rockmart has taken on a crusade against underage drinking and he is now partnering with local law enforcement.

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