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Underage Drinking in the News

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[NC] April Designated Alcohol Awareness Month
Source: Mar 28, 2015
The Mayor of Laurinburg has proclaimed that April is Alcohol Awareness Month in his town.

[WV] Two Sessions To Focus On Underage Drinking
Source: Mar 27, 2015
The Wayne County Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition is holding two sessions where community members can come together and discuss ways to prevent underage drinking.

[NE] Several Groups Trying To Prevent Underage Drinking
Source: Mar 26, 2015
According to a survey from DHHS, more than 75% of high school seniors drink. Due to that fact, several organizations in the state are focusing on prevention efforts.

[NC] New Drinking Policy Works To Dispel College Drinking Culture
Source: Mar 26, 2015
Anyone who is under 21 and caught drinking alcohol at UNC Wilmington will now receive a citation from the state.

[PA] PLCB Conference Targets Underage Drinking
Source: Mar 26, 2015
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board hosted over 200 individuals at its conference focused on underage drinking prevention.

[MI] Skubick: Senator Says First Underage Drinking Incident Shouldn't Be Misdemeanor
Source: Mar 24, 2015
If a state senator gets his way, minor in possession charges will no longer be a misdemeanor for first and second convictions.

[OK] Davis: Underage Drinking Town Hall Meeting
Source: Mar 23, 2015
On March 25, the Davis Police Department, Wichita Mountains Prevention Network and the Region 10 Regional Prevention Coordinator hosted a town hall meeting about underage drinking.

[WI] City Considers Social Hosting Ordinance
Source: Mar 23, 2015
The Public Protection Committee will consider a social host ordinance, in April.

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