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Underage Drinking in the News

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[MO] SW-COED town hall meeting promotes sobering message
Source: May 06, 2070
Last Thursday night's town hall meeting in Washburn began with a series of skits performed by Southwest High School drama club.

[IN] Underage Drinking: Friends' Alcohol Use Matters To Teens, Not Their General Peer Group's
Source: Nov 19, 2014
Research from Indiana University suggests that teens are influenced by their friends' drinking habits and less by their peers'.

[IL] Coors Light Billboards Ordered For Removal
Source: Nov 18, 2014
Officials from the University of Illinois requested that Coors Light billboards be removed because they target students, most of whom are younger than 21.

[MT] State Launches New Program To Address Underage Drinking In Montana
Source: Nov 18, 2014
The Department of Public Health and Human Services launched a new evidence based program that aims to educate and reward local businesses in their efforts to keep alcohol away from minors.

[MA] Town Liquor Stores In Campaign To Curtail Undrage Drinking
Source: Nov 17, 2014
On November 22, volunteers placed 10,000 stickers on alcohol containers and packages to remind buyers that the legal age of consumption is 21.

[NC] New Hanover To Unveil Program To Combat Underage Drinking
Source: Nov 14, 2014
Four counties in North Carolina will be testing a new program aimed at preventing underage drinking.

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