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Underage Drinking in the News

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[CA] Roseville Passes Fines For Hosts Of Underage Drinkers
Source: Sep 03, 2015
Roseville joined about 150 other communities across California, when the council passed the city's social host ordinance.

[OH] Dublin Police Warn Parents About Social Hosting
Source: Sep 02, 2015
The Dublin Police Department held a meeting to warn parents about the consequences of violating the city's social host ordinance. They reminded parents to be parents and not friends.

[CA] Roseville Invited To Comment Tonight On Social Host Ordinance
Source: Sep 02, 2015
Members of the Roseville community have been given the chance to comment on the proposed social host ordinance.

[WI] Study Shows High Numbers Of Student Drinkers Live Close To Booze
Source: Sep 01, 2015
A recently released study has shown that there is a correlation between alcohol outlet density and the number of underage drinkers.

[NE] New Nebraska Laws In Effect Today: Higher Marriage Fees, Underage Drinkers, Nurse Practitioners
Source: Aug 31, 2015
Starting September 1, a medical amnesty bill goes into effect for underage drinkers who call for medical assistance for themselves or someone else.

[NY] New Law Can Fine Hosts Of Parties With Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 31, 2015
On the same day that students moved-in, a new social host ordinance takes effect in Geneseo.

Your Kids Should Know About The Dangers Of Drinking By Age 10, Doctors Say
Source: Aug 31, 2015
According to a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, health care professionals should be talking to children about the dangers of alcohol by the age of 9.

Study Finds Peak Months For College Students' 1st Drug Use
Source: Aug 27, 2015
New data suggests that first time alcohol use by underage students occurs in June.

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