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Underage Drinking in the News

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[MN] St. Joseph Considering Diversion Program For Underage Drinkers
Source: Feb 01, 2016
The St. Joseph city council is considering joining with St. Cloud State University to send underage drinkers through a diversion program.

[CA] Sonoma Police Can't Find Anyone To Buy Alcohol For Underage Decoys
Source: Feb 01, 2016
The Sonoma Police Department reported a 100% success rate in a decoy shoulder tap operation.

[NM] County Analyzes Underage Drinking Data
Source: Jan 31, 2016
Luna County officials are analyzing data about underage drinking behaviors, in an effort to improve prevention efforts.

[AL] Underage Drinking Biggest Conduct Issue At UNA
Source: Jan 31, 2016
Underage drinking violations are the most common incidents the University of North Alabama Police Department encounters.

[TX] Parents, It's Not Too Soon To Talk To Them
Source: Jan 30, 2016
Over the course of two nights, parents at Kilgore Middle School were told it's not too early to start talking to their children about alcohol.

[NJ] Cranford Municipal Alliance Beings '21 Means 21' Campaign
Source: Jan 29, 2016
The Cranford Municipal Alliance launched its signage campaign aimed at educating adults about contributing to underage drinking.

[MA] Forum To Address Teen Drinking, Substance Abuse
Source: Jan 29, 2016
On February 1, a forum was held at Falmouth High School with police and school administrators to discuss underage drinking and substance abuse.

[SD] Underage Drinking Immunity Bill Approved By SD Committee
Source: Jan 28, 2016
A legislative committee approved a bill that offers immunity to some underage drinkers in medical emergencies.

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