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Underage Drinking in the News

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[IL] Parents Asked to Take Survey About Underage Drinking in County
Source: Jul 22, 2016
The Iroquois County Juvenile Justice Council is asking parents in the county to complete a survey about underage drinking, to help create a plan to address the issue.

[NC] UNC to Roll Out New Alcohol Policy to Fight Underage, Binge Drinking
Source: Jul 21, 2016
A new policy at UNC focuses more on education and less on punishment as a way of reducing underage drinking.

[MD] Host Underage Drinking, and You Can Get Sued in Maryland
Source: Jul 18, 2016
The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that adults who provide alcohol to underage drinkers can be sued for damages caused by underage drinkers.

[MS] Town Hall Meeting's Topics Include Underage Drinking, Police Relations
Source: Jul 14, 2016
Approximately 50 community members in Warren County attended a town hall meeting to address underage drinking.

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