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Underage Drinking in the News

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[SD] Students React To Campus Alcohol Sales Bill
Source: Jan 28, 2016
A bill in the state senate would allow public universities to sell beer and wine during special events.

[WI] Bill Giving Sexual Assault Victims Amnesty From Drinking Tickets Passes Committee
Source: Jan 28, 2016
A bill that protects underage drinkers from punishment if they were sexually assaulted has passed a vote in committee.

[NC] ABC Commission Offers Servers, Bartenders Training To Prevent Underage Drinking
Source: Jan 28, 2016
The North Carolina ABC commission is offering bartenders and servers training about the state's alcohol laws, in an effort to reduce underage drinking deaths.

[NJ] Shatter The Drug, Alcohol Myths Of NJ Teens, Group Says
Source: Jan 28, 2016
The Safe Communities Coalition of Hunterdon/Somerset believes there are too many myths about alcohol and drugs for teens to make smart decisions.

[NY] Underage Drinking, Fake ID Crackdowns Rising At Local College Bars
Source: Jan 27, 2016
In Livingston County, police are are increasing operations to prevent the use of fake IDs and underage drinking.

[IL] City Offers Bartender Training Courses
Source: Jan 27, 2016
New laws enacted by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission require all vendors to complete training aimed at reducing sales of alcohol to minors.

[AK] Bill Being Considered By Senate Would Change Underage Drinking To Fineable Violation
Source: Jan 26, 2016
A bill being debated by the state senate would reduce underage drinking from a criminal offense.

[WI] Proposed Bill Would Offer Underage Drinking Amnesty To Those Reporting Sexual Assault
Source: Jan 25, 2016
A bill has been proposed that would protect victims of sexual assault from being punished for underage drinking.

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