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Underage Drinking in the News

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[MA] Campaign Uses Teens To Combat Youth Drinking
Source: Aug 15, 2014
The Mason Square Drug Free Coalition is engaging in a "shoulder tap" campaign to help prevent underage drinking.

[IA] Responsible Alcohol Service Committee Forms To Combat Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 13, 2014
Restaurants, community members, and bar owners came together to form a committee that will work together to prevent underage drinking through responsible beverage service.

[NY] Legislation Would Make Powdered Alcohol Illegal, Cites Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 11, 2014
Senator Schumer is proposed that the FDA bans powdered alcohol due to the likelihood of it being consumed by minors.

[AL] 100 Percent Alcohol Compliance By South Mobile Stores
Source: Aug 11, 2014
Retailers in south Mobile were targeted in compliance checks, and all 23 stores passed.

[OK] Underage Drinking Costly To Oklahomans
Source: Aug 10, 2014
In 2010, underage drinking cost Oklahomans $831 million.

[NV] NITC To Continue With Changes To Curg Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 06, 2014
The Boys and Girls Club in Mason Valley is working the police to help prevent underage drinking at next year's Night in the Country concert.

[WY] Teen Drinking Rises Sharply At 115 CFD
Source: Aug 05, 2014
Cheyenne police are reporting a higher incidence of underage drinking during this year's Frontier Days, compared to last year.

[VA] Students Stand Agains Underage Drinking
Source: Aug 04, 2014
Leaders from the CHILL Youth Task Force and Rocky Mount Police Department engaged in a sticker shock campaign.

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