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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Fighting Back, Inc.

San Antonio Fighting Back, Inc. (SAFB) helps people create safe, healthy, and caring communities for youth and families through community health improvement programs and economic development initiatives that increase communities’ capacity to solve problems and change current systems and policies. The Too Smart To Start team in San Antonio focuses their efforts on 9- to 13-year-old youth and their parents from the Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Crime and Drug Watch locations, and public housing developments as well as the community at large.

To further promote underage alcohol use prevention messages, the San Antonio team distributes monthly newsletters to youth with questions about underage alcohol use and encourages involvement by offering incentives for correct answers. The team also provides educational sessions on the influences of advertising on underage alcohol use, promotes a poster contest through several Internet services, and sponsors a positive alternative event.

The Too Smart To Start team uses monthly newsletters, direct mail, and print and TV advertisements to convey information about the harms and social unacceptability of underage alcohol use. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about the negative effects of underage alcohol use and are invited to attend educational events and workplace sessions.

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