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Underage Drinking in the News

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[TX] PBRCADA to host Rethink Your Drink
Source: May 22, 2019
The Permian Basic Regional Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse hosted a conference, Rethink Your Drink, to educate the public about the dangers of underage drinking.

[CA] Youth Council makes recommendations to parents on underage drinking
Source: May 20, 2017
Members of the Plumas County Youth Council gave a presentation to the board of supervisors to offer recommendations on how to prevent underage drinking.

[UT] Program asks parents to take bigger role in preventing underage drinking
Source: May 16, 2017
The state's first lady launched Parents Empowered, a campaign aimed at parents to help them address underage drinking.

Binge drinking remains a problem despite a massive decrease in teen alcohol use: report
Source: May 12, 2017
A new study by the CDC shows teen drinking has decreased 18 since 1991; however, binge drinking is still a big problem.

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