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Welcome to Too Smart To Start, your website on avoiding underage alcohol use and its consequences. We’re glad that you want to know more about staying alcohol free.

Not drinking before age 21 is smart. Why? Because alcohol affects every organ in your body, including your brain. It can hurt your success in the classroom and on the sports field and cause problems with your friends and family.

Did you know that most young people aged 12 to 20 do not drink? You don’t need alcohol to fit in, deal with stress, or have fun. Check out this site for more facts about alcohol use and reasons why you should be too smart to start.

Here's Some Information To Help You Stay Too Smart To Start!

  • Quiz Whiz?: Test how much you know about how alcohol affects your body and your behavior.
  • Facts About Underage Drinking: Learn about alcohol facts, myths, consequences, and more.
  • Homework Help: Find ideas for school papers, speeches, presentations, and more!
  • Need Advice?: Get answers to some of the most common questions about underage drinking.
  • Media Literacy: Be savvy about media's influence.
  • Resources: Find other Web sites about youth and alcohol use prevention.
  • Reel Life: Real-life scenarios, real-life solutions to help avoid alcohol use.
  • Push Play: What other young people have to say about underage drinking.


Real-life scenarios, real-life solutions to help avoid alcohol use. (English) (en español)