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New, disturbing research indicates that the developing adolescent brain may be particularly susceptible to long-term negative consequences from alcohol use. Indeed, recent studies show:

  • Alcohol consumption has the potential to trigger long-term biological changes that may have detrimental effects on the developing adolescent brain, including neurocognitive impairment; and
  • Its use can cause alterations in the structure and function of the developing brain, which continues to mature into the mid to late 20s.

You can write a compelling paper or speech. You can design an attention-getting slide presentation about how alcohol affects the brain. You can even make up a quiz for your classmates and friends.

Read more about the developing adolescent brain, discover how alcohol affects your body, and get facts and illustrations of alcohol's damaging effects on the brain.

You can use these color (PDF 84KB) and black-and-white (PDF 128KB) images of the brain as visual aids.