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What's Up with Alcohol?


What's up with alcohol? Ads try to make drinking alcohol seem cool and fun. You may have friends who have tried alcohol. You may hear people brag about what they drink. But you don't have to drink alcohol to fit in. The fact is that most pre-teens and teens aren't drinking alcohol.

So, what's the big deal with alcohol? You might get light-headed or end up with a hangover (the headache, soreness, and sick stomach you get several hours after drinking too much). But it will just wear off, right? Wrong! You may feel okay again after a while, but there's more to alcohol than that.

Alcohol is really unhealthy for your body. When you drink alcohol, it travels through your whole body, causing problems along the way. Alcohol affects the bodies and minds of young people more than adults. Why? Because young people's bodies are smaller, the same amount of alcohol hits them harder. Young people also are growing, so alcohol can change the way the brain and other organs grow.

Let's take a closer look at how alcohol acts in your body and what it does to different parts of your body.